This quartet also features Stefan Karl Schmid on tenor saxophone,

David Helm on bass and Fabian Arends on drums.

Their debut release 'Hype' (2017) is available directly from 

Challenge RecordsiTunesAmazon and on other streaming platforms.

The quartet's second album 'Bad Lover' will be released in February 2022 on Florian Ross' Toy Piano Records label!

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This new project combines songwriting with open improvisation. Featuring Shannon on trombone and voice, Heidi Bayer on trumpet, Elisabeth Coudoux on cello and Thomas Sauerborn on drums, the band had it's debut at the 2019 Klaeng Festival in Cologne and released it's first album on March 31st, 2021 on Klaeng Records.

Also available on Bandcamp.

"The entire album is at times full of beautiful fragile moments, in which the artist dares to be her most vulnerable."

- Richard Wagenaar, The Next Gig

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Shannon Barnett: trombone, voice, child-size tambourine

David Helm: double bass, electric guitar, piano, voice

This duo project came about thanks to invitation from Odilo Clausnitzer to record a set at the Deutschlandfunk during the pandemic. He described the outcome as “...a field between jazz and a weird yet touching singer-songwriter sound, tentative and fragile, courageous and radical.” The two Cologne-based musicians have gone on to develop their sound further, incorporating electronic effects as well as a variety of instruments in order to create their dream indie pop collaboration, that is not afraid to stray outside the boxes of nostalgia and comfort.


bushido cyclists.jpeg

'Dead Weight' is an installation for musicians and fitness studio.

It was first performed in October 2018 in the Bushido Fitness-Studio in Cologne, Germany and featured four pieces; 'Fahrrad Frei' for saxophones and stationary bikes, 'Skin Deep' for three singers and female changeroom, 'End of the Bargain' for three double basses, cello and rowing machine, and 'Deep Work' for power trio and fitness instructor.




     'Bad Lover' - Shannon Barnett Quartet (coming in January 2022 on Toy Piano Records)

     'Subsonic' - Sebastian Gramss' States of Play (Rent a Dog)

     'Wolves and Mirrors' - Wolves and Mirrors (Klaeng Records)

     'Songs You Like a Lot' - HR Big Band feat. John Hollenbeck,

     Gary Versace, Theo Bleckmann and Kate McGarry (Grammy-nominated) 

     'Time Labyrinth' - Simon Nabatov (Leo)

     'Pyjama' - Stefan Karl Schmid (Tangible Music)

     'Marble' - Hendrika Entzian +

     'Channels of Energy' - WDR Big Band with Antonio Sánchez and Vince Mendoza (Cam Jazz)

     'Köln' - Marshall Gilkes and the WDR Big Band (WDR) 

     'Hype' - Shannon Barnett Quartet

     'My Personal Songbook' - Ron Carter and the WDR Big Band (WDR)

     'Ragstretch' - Ragstretch

     'Country' - Shannon Barnett Quartet (Which Way Music)

     'Chellowdene' - The Vampires (Earshift Music)

     'Angels and Rascals' - Andrea Keller Quartet (ABC Jazz)

     'Rawville' - The Bamboos (Tru Thoughts)