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Back Cover - Wolves and Mirrors © Florian Fries.jpg

This project combines songwriting with open improvisation.

Featuring Shannon on trombone and voice, Heidi Bayer on trumpet,

Elisabeth Coudoux on cello and Thomas Sauerborn on drums,

the band debuted at the 2019 Klaeng Festival in Cologne and

released it's first album on March 31st, 2021 on Klaeng Records.

Also available on Bandcamp.

"The entire album is at times full of beautiful fragile moments, in which the artist dares to be her most vulnerable."

- Richard Wagenaar, The Next Gig


"There is deep humanity in every note of the record, with stories told by complex personas through a show-don’t-tell approach. The lyrics and compositions are rich and authentic."

- Matty Bannond, Free Jazz Collective

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